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Gopher football team plays, while 3 players are jailed


On Saturday, the Gopher football team played against eachother during tyhe Spring game. Tim Brewster, the new head coach, was praised greatly after running around the field waving to fans. But things are not looking to good for some Gopher players. Alex Daniels, E.J Jones, and Keith Massey, were taken into custody on Friday night after a 18-year-old woman told police that she was raped. Three times as many fans showed up for this Spring game this year in comparison to last year. The allegation that are being held on the three players is being looked in to.
"Obviously it's a disappointing situation that's been presented to me," Brewster said. "There's an investigation that's ongoing that we're going to cooperate fully with, and we're going to support these three young men, absolutely."

--Challenges/negatives: I would have liked to see more details on the 3 players getting arrested. A lot of the focus was on Brewster.
--Positives: There are some great quotes in this article.


LSU women's baskebtall coach Phokey Chapman came out as being homosexual. This article talks about the sports world accepting homosexuals slowly and it also talks about rumors of gay players on the LSU woman's team.
--Challenges/negatives: Where are the quotes from Pokey herself?
--Postives: Lead sentence is catchy.