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My place in the journalism world

My view on the "journalism world" has changed significanlty since I have taken this class. I have learned that being a good writer takes more than being a natural story-teller or a person who loves to paint pictures in the mind of readers. Being a good writer takes a lot of patience, hard-work, and learning. It is not as easy as I thought! All throuhout highschool I have been known to my professors as "the fun writer." This class has changed my persepective on that. I have learned that story-telling and creative writing is not what the news world is all about.

Writing the news takes consistency, a research motivated additude, and a dry but bland perspective on the news. For this reason, I do not think that being a news writer is the place for me. Creative writing, such as magazine writing and editorial writing is a lot more up my alley.

It has been hard for me to change my writing style and become more of a "straight to the point" type of writer. In addition, it has been even more difficult for me to grasp the many concepts, rules, and editiing language of news writing. This has been the most difficult jounrnalism course I have ever taken and I now know that this profession is not the one for me.

If I were to place myself int he jounralism industry, I would put myself in the magazine writing category. I will never be interested or strong enough to be a news writer. In addition, I feel like my personality doesnt really fit the "mold" of a someone who can participate in news writing. It has been a rough sememster, but I now know where my place is in this industry....