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"Throughout Minnesota, we have transportation needs that no longer can be ignored. Continuing to look at them with a “blind eye? will not make traffic congestion in the Twin Cities or unsafe highways in greater Minnesota." disappear. According to the Tribune Online, means of expanding transportation has been put on hold due to "political shortsightedness." There is a unwillingnss to invest in upgrading dangerous rural roads and this is causng major problems for the state of Minnesota.

*This story was very informative and it used a lot of great sources.
*The author was challeged with choosing the relevant details for the story. There was a lot of details that she could have used but she just picked out the information that she thought would be relevant to the story.


"As part of the Urban Partnership Agreement, the Minnesota Department of Transportation applied for a $700 million federal transportation grant that would create a high occupancy toll lane on 35W. Busses, carpoolers and motorcycles could use the lane for free, but solo drivers would pay to use the lane." This solo lane only makes dealing with traffic a lot more difficult. There needs to be a soloution to the traffic problem in Minnesota.

*This article was also challenged with picking out and using important information.
*The first article that was done by the Tribune Online was a lot more detailed and informative. I also found it a lot easier to read.