May 7, 2007

African Dance

During the colonial days, African dancing was very dominate. Today African dancing is celebrated in a new generation and many people have learned that it relfects stavery strongly. Roxbury Dancers and Dance Studios over the years is promoting a African dance show that will feature dance demonstrations by Cyrus Brooks, 19, a local dancer and choreographer who was profiled recently in Dance Magazine and has choreographed works for dance troupes and theaters. African Dance is making a come back!

*I love all styles of dance so I really loved this article
* The article mainly focued on promoting African dancing. The reporter did a good job with writing a very detailed piece. You can tell the event is going to be very fun.
*I could not pinpoint a challenge that the author faced.

Lanyi West African Dance Company is hosting a similar performance in South Carolina. "The company will perform a dramatic stage presentation of Cato’s Rebellion, which is based on historic events in Charleston. Cato’s Rebellion is one of the first known acts of organized rebellion against slavery in America. The revolt was led by a slave named Cato in September 1739."

*This article was brief but I think it could have had a little more detail. I think the reporter was challegned with the detail of the story
*It was short and breif. The previous article was better!

April 22, 2007

Baseball game after the Hokies

The Hokies baseball team played their first game after the rampage that took place at Virginia Tech. Although the Hokies lost 11-2 to Miami, the coach of Virgnia Tech told the reporters that the team had already won before stepping out onto the field. "It was a bittersweet feeling playing this game," outfielder Jose Cueto said. "It feels good to get out and get away from everything but the fact that we're getting away from that tragedy makes it hurt."

--Pros: This article is information on the baseball side of things
--Cons: It must of been challenging for the writer to talk to the team and get quotes for this article. This is a very sensitve subject.

Joe Saunders, a Hokies almuni also showed his tribute during the Angels game. He wrote VT in his cleats along with writing Virginia Tech in the dirt of the mound. In addition, Saunders wores his old VT baseball hat during the enitre game. "I was nervous yesterday on our off day and I was nervous coming in just on the sheer fact of what the game meant to me, to all of Hokie Nation out there in Virginia and to my family and to this team, because we needed a win. There was a lot riding on it. ..."

---Pros: The direct quotes from Saunders, really makes a reader know exactly what he is feeling.
--Cons: I think that this reporter was also challenged with interviewing Saunders. As stated previously, it is a very sensitive subject.

March 31, 2007

Choking trend- a deadly trend

I remember way back in the day, when the "choking game" was the coolest thing to do. Luckily, I did not partake in the cool tred, however many of my friends would "choke" eachother for fun. Kids love taking dangerous risks. In Paradise California the choking game was taken to far. At thirteen years old Gabe Mordecai died recently, due to the choking game. Gabe's twin brother Sam, found him with a rope tied around his neck.

"The first thing you think of is, 'My God, my child, he killed himself. Oh, my God.' And as soon as the thought came in my head, the thought was gone. I knew immediately what Gabriel had done. …I had no doubt in my mind," said Sarah Pacantte, Gabe's mother.

Gabe told reporters that he and his brothers had been playing the choking game for years.

I could relate to this story on a personal level. My friends use to play the choking game all the time. There were some great quotes in this story, but I would have liked the reporter to get some more details on the death itself.

There was a similar story written in the news courier.
I enjoyed this story because it gave background information on the choking game, along wiht\
a death-related story on the choking game. The writer of this story struggled with gaining
trustworthy quotes and information. This writer also did a great job with detail.

March 21, 2007

Chinese Food

I was eating Chinese food last ngiht, and I ran across this interesting story.

Experts say that there are other ways to tap into your Asian food appetite. A study was done by the nonprofit U. S Center for Science in the Public Interest. The findings found that most Chinese food is fried, so nutritionist Leslie Beck is telling Chinese food lovers to look for three key words: steamed, boiled, and poached. It is ideal to order carry ou, so that customers can place there orders over the phone. Going into the resturant and smelling and seeing the food, only opens up the temptation for fried rice and lemon chicken.

Beck is also saying that chop sticks are a tool for eating Asian food healthier. In comparion to using a fork, chop sticks slow down the intake of food. Theefore, food will not be eaten as fast, and a person will get fuller faster.

I had a huge Chinese meal last night, so I thought that this article was very informative. I never knew that chop sticks could decrease food intake. I really enjoyed this article, althoug some advice given was obviously already known.

The city pages wrote a similar article. This article reccomends Asian resturants to use organic ingredients, in effort to eat healthier.

The first article was a lot more informative. I think that nurtritionists need to do a great deal of research before they write about Asian cuisine. I think this was challenging for bothe writers.

March 1, 2007

Dunn County hunger battle

Dunn County, in Wisconsin, has been suffering from hunger problems. Due to most of the Dunn County population being older, unemployed, and immigrants, job oppurtunites are limited. Three stories are highlighed on different situations where famalies have fought these hunger issues. The Interfaith Food Pantry has been a major source of food for this county.

This story was dry. It really didnt have anything special about it. I think that this article could have been written on a different angel, to add some edge to the story.

I could not find any related articles.

February 21, 2007

Bugs found in jail food

Ever heard of a weevil?? Well a bunch of weevils, a small type of beetle, were found in noodles in the El Paso County jail Annex. Although the prisoners were disgusted, no one was harmed. The beetles were found on Sunday, when the meal was being prepared. Six prisoners were exposed to the beetles noodles. "They didn't consume the meal," said Jesus Tovar a spokeperson from the El Paso County Sherrifs office. No inimates needed medical attention luckily, and sources say that a weevil is not a unusual insect to be found in noodles.

I wish that the author wrote more on the story. I would have liked to hear some more interesting quotes from some of the inmates... reactions and things like that. I know if I had found a beetle in my food, I would have really freaked out! I guess it sucks being in jail.

In Dallas, Texas Mei-Mei’s Chinese Buffet failed a food inspection. Employees were found preparing food without gloves on, sausages and ribs were found at incorrect temperatures, rodent dropping were found, and there was no soap found in the sink. If you ever visit Texas, this would no be the place to go and eat!

This story focuses more on the specifics of the food inspection. However, there was a video that gives a great visual of the situation. It makes the story come to life, and its nice to actually see what is really going on inside some resturants.

February 12, 2007

The Grammy's tells about the...
The results of the Grammy Awards. The Dixie Chicks! They were the big winners of the night at this year's Grammy Awards, The country group took home five awards, and were very surprised about the success of the song, "Not Ready to Make Nice." The group says that the success of the album would not exist without going through hard times. "We wouldn't have made this album without everything we went through, so we have no regrets," said band member Emily Robison

Carrie Underwood, also won a Grammy. She won best new artist and best female country performace. I guess American Idol is a great way to become a overnight success! Other winner include Charmillionare, Ludacris, John Mayor, and Mary J. Blige.

The writer of this article did a good job indentifying important quotes that add to the story. I watched the awards last ngiht, and it seems like everything that was said at the show last night, was reflected in this article. Adding links to performances and pictures adds a great visual effect to the article. Plus, if you missed the show, you can see a lot of the performaces right on the page.

In the USA Today, a similar article was written. However, the main focus of the story was the performance by The Police. The group, who has previously won five grammy's, turned the show out. This story was short, concise, and very brief.

February 4, 2007


Next month, LA officals will announce and give information onthe new development in southeast LA. IN 2006, 58% of violence that occured in the Los Angeles area was gamg related. LA has always had problems with gangs, especailly the Latino community against the African American community. LA Sherrifs, FBI agencies, along with the local police are teaming up to target gang violence, in effort to putting it to a end. Last year, in 2006, gang violence went up 14%. I could not pinpoint a challenge that this writer faced while writing this article. This article was extremly informative and very interesting. I really like reading about things like this... its hard to believe that gang growth is rapidly spreading, throughout our country.

February 3, 2007


In the town of Paisley, in central Florida, nineteen people were killed whie storms containing tornadoes, swept across the land. Tragically, two highschool students, along with a 7-year-old boy, were killed during the storms. Florida govenor, Charlie Crist, told the public how he talked to President Bush about the importance of gaining federal aid. Damage survey teams are being sent to the town, to dertermine the weakeness and the amount of damage made to the area. There could have been a bigger investigation for this story. The information is pretty broad, and I think that it could have been a bit more detailed. I think that the writer was challenged, when trying to pinpoint certain specifics to put in this story. A silmilar story was written in the StarTribune, and the writer really focused on specifics of the story. This made the story come alive. It grabbed my attention.
I think that the writer did a good job with the story, however, I think that the story-tellling voice can be a lot stronger.

January 27, 2007

The Hunt for Missing Kids

15-year old Shawn Hornbeck, returned to his family after spending four years in captivity. Shawn, has decided to not only share his story with the world, but he has also dedicated time to encourage relatives and friends of loved ones, to not lose hope. He is a living example of hope for all.
I think that the reporter was challenged, because finding the angle of this story can be difficult. He could have written about many different things. He could have written about Hornbecks personal experience, but insead he focused on the after-math of Horbeck's experience. It is important to pick the right angle, when choosing the topic you are going to write on.
Pulling in smoe information on the personal experience of Horneck would have been very beneficial. Sometimes adding detailed background facts is important when you want a reader to connect.