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Anna and I began talking about ways I could be apart of her project last semester. Unfortunately, until I was able to include my work for her project as work for one of my classes, as well, I wasn't able to dedicate much time.

The first time I met with others on the project was at, what Anna called, the Art Squish. About five of us including Anna met at Rarig in one of the studios on the 5th floor last semester before I knew I was going to actually create a piece for the performance (and before Anna even knew what the performance was going to be). We all brought various natural materials to squish around and make art with. We had clay, bones, sand, dirt, leaves, sticks, ochre, and water as we sculpted and painted on brown paper and newspaper. We talked about nature and the human point of connection to it - through the feet (which is how Barefoot got it's name). Each of us worked on separate art pieces and found, in the end, that we all had similar themes in common while thinking about the human, nature relationship: trees, circles, feet, water, and small mounds (cairns).

We cleaned up and that was the first and last time I met with the group before I knew I was going to be more heavily involved.

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