Human Interaction

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During the performance, there was guided movement. Audiences did not simply sit and watch; they became part of the performance with their presence in the small space. The performers moved people around during certain parts of the dance and sculpted the space to move around in while also creating more space for human interaction with one another.

At one point in the performance, the dancers picked out each audience member person by person and began dancing with them in a stationary swaying motion, then told them to keep moving as they went off to pick out more audience members. Eventually, the entire room was swaying and created this living organism inside this room - all moving breathing bodies encased in red light and aural sounds from the live cellist and singer.

Another point of human contact was at the end - when all the audience members were guided into holding hands as the dancers integrated everyone from being scattered about the room into a large connected circle. Two of the dancers moved towards the cairn and set the rocks they were holding onto it - signaling the audiences to do the same. So, one by one and soon in groups, the people in the audience walked over to the cairn and gave back the rock that was given to them to keep their hands warm at the beginning of the performance. In this way, everyone gave a little piece of themselves, their energy, to the performance and the space while simultaneously getting to keep the memory of the experience but also give back to nature what they temporarily took. I thought this was a beautiful metaphor for life and death - how our bodies are a loan from the earth. We borrow them to keep warm and live and house our spirits during our lifetime, but then we give our bodies back once we die.

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