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A Stillwater perspective on Bachmann

Reading the blogs, I noticed a couple of great posts from fellow Stillwater resident William Pendergast. In these entries, he explodes the myth of Michele Bachmann as a run-of-the-mill "social conservative" that has been propagated by the submissive media that is unwilling to paint her as she truly is:

[I]f our political reporters really had a clue, they would not be describing Bachmann as a “social conservative�—they would describe her instead as “Christian fundamentalist politician Michele Bachmann.� Because that is what she is—she is not just another “social conservative�; she is a politicking fundamentalist who is actively promoted by powerful Christian fundamentalist commercial media. These fundamentalists’ agenda is to transform their religious beliefs into our laws.

There is nothing wrong or objectionable about telling readers about this—it’s demonstrable, and it’s the truth. But for whatever reason—unconsciousness, fear of reprisal, secret sympathy for the cause, or sheer density—the major players in Minnesota’s political media won’t identify Bachmann for what she is. Not to their readers, anyway.


He also extends a warning to Patty Wetterling about the vicious smears that are going to come her way:

[B]eware this time around, Patty. Michele Bachmann is no Mark Kennedy. All means--fair or foul or in between--will be employed to destroy your good name and reputation, so long as Bachmann and her paranoid, pre-apocalyptic followers feel you represent any threat to MB. The way the national and local media characterized the late Terry Schiavo's husband and his motives for their listening audiences--that's the way that the Bachmann campaign is going to characterize YOU!

William Pendergast recognizes the truth of this campaign: the Republican smear machine is already ramping up against Patty, and the "liberal media," as it's proved so often in the past, will not do anything to stop it. That's why this site exists. We will expose Michele Bachmann's true character and ideology, defend Patty Wetterling against her campaign's attacks, and, above all, spread the hopeful message of Patty's campaign. By doing so, we will help elect Patty Wetterling as the next great Representative from Minnesota.