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A unified front?

Some local conservatives have their doubts about Michelle Bachmann...

From Always Right, Usually Correct:

I have been saying for a long time that the enemy of our enemy is not our friend. I believe that. Look at what it has done for us over the decades in foreign policy matters.

I believe that and I also believe that character matters. I will not support any candidate whose character is worse than mine. That is a pretty low bar. In my heart of hearts I believe Michele Bachmann has shown in many areas to be below that bar. There is too much that I know about her to prove otherwise...and sadly most of what she has done will get swept under the carpet because people have decided to put their party above it all.


Seriously, this woman is so bad for the state and the country that I see less danger in electing Patty Wetterling than in electing Michele Bachmann. And expect that to be something I repeat often during the election cycle. "I'm a hard-line conservative, but Michele Bachmann is more of a danger to this country than Patty Wetterling...vote Wetterling."

Well, obviously. Patty Wetterling is no danger to this country at all. In fact, she is a candidate that can help this great nation get back on the right track. A vote for Michele Bachmann is a vote for the wrong track the Republicans have steered us on since the "Revolution" of 1994.

Warning to the GOP...you will lose big this year in 2006. The paths you have set upon are not very appealing to the moderate, they are not warm to the "principled Republicans" and they are not displaying any optimism.

You will energized your opposition (you are giving them far too much fodder) and supress enough of the conservative base to damage not just your Governor's race, but the Senate race and the state houses, too.

Just keep going and come November I will just sit back and say, I told you so. And curse you jackasses for being so obtuse that you screwed the state just to protect the "R" behind your politicians names.


From Residual Forces:

The fumbling of getting the amendment through the MN Senate was just the last straw with me. Added on top of that all the other bungling from her campaign, the negative attacks, the lies and misstatements about her own and others’ records [...] I do not want some one to represent me in Congress who is willing to do and say anything to get elected. How can you trust someone like that?

And, of course, there's always the folks over at Dump Michele Bachmann, some of whom are actually Republicans (of the Log Cabin variety) appalled that their party would nominate such a homophobic candidate. I particularly like this story about how Michele's been charging her cable TV bills to the taxpayers... fiscal conservatism at its finest, my friends.


Keep in mind this about Andy...after saying all of that about Bachmann (and much more in private!!) he is co-authoring the Bachmann v Wetterling blog. So, before you quote him just understand that he is the quintesential sellout.