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CQ Interview with Patty

A few excerpts from a new interview, out tonight:

On campaign finance reform:

CQ: How are you doing in terms of fundraising?

Wetterling: Fundraising is always a challenge. If I could fix one thing immediately when I get there [to Congress], it would be to address that. It’s going to be, it’s going to continue to be a challenge. I will continue to do what I can. We’ve done well so far.

On her fundraising chances:

CQ: Do you think you will be able to match Michele Bachmann? [Bachmann’s latest report showed she had $396,347 in receipts and had $196,000 in cash on hand as of March 31.]

Wetterling: Yes, I do.

CQ: And do you have a target you’re aiming for?

Wetterling: You know, that’s all part of the strategy that we’re developing this week. I know last [cycle] in ‘04 I raised nearly $2 million in six months, and I know it will be more than that that this race is going to take. It’s a targeted race once again.

On taking on Bachmann:

CQ: Michele Bachmann is very well known for her [conservative] stance on social issues like abortion and the same-sex marriage amendment. Do you think your stance on these issues reflects the voters’ views? [Wetterling supports abortion rights and opposes a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage, although she believes marriage is defined as between a man and a woman.]

Wetterling: I do, and I think that there’s more than one issue that people are going to be concerned about. There’s a lot of concerns in the 6th District about everyday family issues, about getting their kids educated, about jobs so they can care for their families, it’s about health care, it’s about buying gas for their cars. There’s a lot of concerns of people in the 6th District, and I believe I represent those concerns more accurately than Michele.