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Sheer wankery

I'm sorry, but the Bachmann v, Wetterling blog is just silly. Come on, guys, let's get original. By my count, they've repeated Tarryl Clark's "devil in the blue dress" quote no less than 5 times in the past 3 days. They've made approximately two "substantive" posts on the issues of the race; most of the rest are hypocritical rants about Patty's/Democrats' "partisan rhetoric" and "vitriol."

One writer goes so far as to say,

[T]he vitriol of this race will be coming from the DFL, not the Republicans or Senator Bachmann.

Hmmm... well, here's some vitriol... can you guess which side this guy's on?

Dumb Fuc*ing Liberal (DFL) State Senator Tarryl Clark Attacks Senator Michele Bachmann "'Michele is the devil in a blue dress, and Patty is a saint,' state Sen. Tarryl Clark, DFL-St. Cloud, said in a nominating speech." (Patrick Sweeney, "DFL Endorses Wetterling In 6th District," Pioneer Press, May 14, 2006) Just goes to show the wonderful world of "The Party of Hatred & Intolerance" the DFL. Patty is a card carrying MoveOn whacko moron. And a liar to boot.

(via Dump Michele Bachmann)

And what about this guy? He was rallying for Michele's anti-gay amendment in 2004.

So was this guy:

I think there will be rhetoric and vitriol on both sides.