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The money race

In a recent post, Bachmann v Wetterling mocks Patty's campaign accounts:

Patty Wetterling proclaimed this weekend during her endorsement that she wouldn’t have to spend a dime getting her name out in the District this weekend. That’s good for her since she will have to work on getting her ‘message’ out there. She had better hope she can do it cheap.

Patty Wetterling

Total Receipts: $244,986 Latest Cash On Hand: $168,402

Now if she could only remember what that ‘message’ thing is.

This is kind of ironic criticism, considering the piles of money backing the "Wetterling" side of the Bachmann v Wetterling logo-- it seems to imply there is a wealthy liberal machine (an unholy alliance of the Star Tribune, the DFL, OutFront Minnesota, and the DCCC) showering money on Wetterling.

Irony aside, in that CQ article that everyone's linking to, an observant reader finds this:

As of March 31, Wetterling had net receipts in her House account of $197,406 and $168,000 on hand, both rather modest totals. But she still had $1.2 million sitting in the campaign account she had set up for her planned Senate bid, which she is allowed to transfer to the House account. Wetterling predicted her fundraising would surpass the $1.9 million her campaign spent on her 2004 challenge to Kennedy.

So by my count, that's almost $1.4 million that Patty's got available. Now that she's got the endorsement, watch for those numbers to increase substantially. And remember that, at least initially, El Tinklenberg had the backing of the DCCC and the labor unions--thus the surprising number of PAC contributions in Tinklenberg's fundraising. [side note: Why isn't Patty listed on opensecrets.org? She's not in the CD6 section or the Senate section.]

Compare that to Bachmann's FEC totals:

Total Receipts: $396,347 Total Disbursements: $200,114 Latest Cash On Hand: $196,232

So, unless she's got some money stashed away somewhere (in the bushes, perhaps?), Republicans "better hope she can do it cheap."