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Cheney to appear with Bachmann at fundraiser

Duck and cover! Everyone's favorite gun-safety expert, Dick Cheney, will appear with self-proclaimed "sportsman's advocate" and proud "conceal-and-carry" permit-holder Michele Bachmann at a fundraiser this month.

The invitation says Cheney will appear at the home of William and Karen Hawks on the shore of Lake Minnetonka. It gives guests the choice between a $250 per person reception or a more intimate reception and photo opportunity with Cheney for $1,000.

Only $1,000 for a Polaroid? What a bargain. Of course, it's worth it if Michele and Dick can hook you up with a no-bid contract for "reconstructing" Iraq. I hope Michele will be taking a few pictures with the veep... I'd love to see them spread around the 'net, and used in some campaign ads. Looks like Cheney's approval is back up from the 18% rating in February after "the incident," but it's still in the Danger Zone at 31%. The public ought to know what types of people Michele chooses to identify her campaign with-- guilt by association and all that. Didn't she learn in Sunday School that it's not all about the money? Character matters, Senator Bachmann.

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Wonder what he'll wear to the fundraiser? Will Michele wear her "little pink dress"?


William Howard Hawks is affiliated with the Crown Hydro proposal on the downtown riverfront; and you can have your own opinion there, and as to how that fits the Cheney energy agenda. But except for the FEC donations record the link this man has to that project has been kept under a hat. From what I could see the intent is for the project to be very highly leveraged, with an LLC structure against downside risk. Does anyone know more about the Hawks family, and who, exactly sent the invitations for this event? Will the attendees have to disclose names and affiliations for FEC reporting?