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Choose your photo op

We're all eagerly awaiting the pictures and news accounts of next week's Bachmann/Cheney fundraiser. Now it appears that the Wetterling campaign is striking back with its own fundraiser: "HAVE YOUR PHOTO TAKEN WITH PATTY AND DICK"... Wetterling supporter Dick Bernard, that is. The fundraiser is the same night as Bachmann's $1,000-a-pop gig with veep Cheney-- next Monday night, June 26th, from 5-6 PM in Woodbury. Photos are only $1... but I'm sure you can give more if you choose. (Hat tip to Dump Bachmann.)


That Lake Minnetonka thing - for a thousand, an "intimate" photo with Bachmann and Cheney. I cannot picture that. You get close to a grizzly bear, they whack you across the face and bite out your throat - and that's just Bachmann, Cheney would be even less "intimate."