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Today is the day... Dick Cheney arrives to do a fundraiser "private reception" for Michele Bachmann in Minnetonka. (Hmm... when did Minnetonka get added to the Sixth District?) Her campaign released this statement on Friday:

"We are truly honored to have the Vice President of the United States here in Minnesota in support of Senator Bachmann's campaign. They share a common vision when it comes to lower taxes, securing our borders and fighting for the people of the Sixth District. Vice President Cheney's visit is a sign of the importance that the White House places on electing a common sense, experienced leader like Michele to the United States Congress, and holding this seat for the Republican Party," said campaign manager Andy Parrish.

I wonder how many of Michele Bachmann's constituents are able to afford the $250/person price tag on this event, let alone $1,000 for a Polaroid with Bachmann and Cheney? And, uh, Michele? It's probably not great politics to boast about sharing a "common vision" with Dick Cheney. If that's true, someone's liable to get shot in the face. We know that Michele Bachmann is packing heat... are Bachmann staffers required to wear orange clothing around the workplace?

Meanwhile, since American capitalism is based on getting the most "bang for your buck" (no, not your buckshot, Dick), it seems a better deal can be had at the Wetterling campaign's fundraiser tonight in Woodbury. Pictures there are only a dollar.

Here's Patty Wetterling's statement on the Cheney event:

Michele Bachmann should realize that regardless of who she chooses to bring in to our state to campaign with her, this race will be decided on who best represents the needs and concerns of Minnesota families. Unfortunately, Michele's priorities here in Minnesota have been just as mistaken as the Vice President's. All the surrogates in the world can't change Michele's record of voting against families and children.

Right on.


The Cheney fund-raiser for Bachmann is being held at the $5 million Lake Minnetonka home of William Hawks, owner of Crown Hydro, a company that is threatening to use EMINENT DOMAIN to forcibly take Minneapolis public park property to build a hydroelectric plant on the Mississippi River. Why aren't reporters asking Bachmann about her new pro-eminent domain friend?