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Values Republicans

Bachmann v Wetterling posts about a fundraiser that Michele Bachmann attended last night in New York City. Held by erstwhile NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, it raised a cool $2 million for Giuliani's PAC, Solutions America. Is Senator Bachmann taking sides already in the contest for the '08 GOP presidential nomination? Is she trying to bask in the glow of "America's Mayor"? Or is she merely trying to bum a handout for her own campaign?

Many blogs have already posted about the apparent hypocrisy of Bachmann's upcoming fundraiser with Dick Cheney-- to quote MN Publius:

Michelle [sic] Bachmann screams from the mountaintops for years about how gay marriage is so important that she's willing ot bring the legislature to a grinding halt. One of her arguments is that the traditional family is under attack. I wonder, what does she think of Vice-President Cheney's family? She'll gladly keep her mouth shut, I imagine, as long as he brings in $250/head [$1K for an 'intimate reception with a picture] at a swanky fundraiser on Lake Minnetonka on June 26th.

originally posted at Dump Bachmann

I believe Michele Bachmann sends a similar hypocritical message by pandering to Rudy Giuliani for money and attention to her campaign. Many of Bachmann's conservative followers may be concerned with Giuliani's "liberal" stances on issues like abortion and gay marriage, and perhaps even more offended by his philandering past. This paragraph from Wikipedia sums things up neatly:

Even if Giuliani can overcome his liberal record on social issues such as gun control, gay marriage, and abortion, other aspects of his past are certain to be major issues in a presidential campaign. Giuliani's relationship with Judith Nathan, later to become his third wife, was well-publicized by local media, as it appears to have begun before the divorce of his second wife was legally finalized. Mr. Giuliani, before his divorce, called Judith Nathan, his "very good friend." On May 10, 2000 Mr. Giuliani announced at a press conference that he was seeking a separation from his wife, Donna Hanover -- without first informing her of his decision. Mr. Giuliani went out of his way to praise Judith Nathan as a "very, very fine woman," and said about his marriage with Donna Hanover: "Over the course of some period of time in many ways, we've grown to live independent and separate lives." The mayor's assertion was contradicted three hours later by his emotionally distraught wife, who said, "I had hoped that we could keep this marriage together. For several years, it was difficult to participate in Rudy's public life because of his relationship with one staff member." Ms. Hanover was referring to Cristyne Lategano-Nicholas, the mayor's former communications director. The mayor and Ms. Lategano-Nicholas denied those allegations in the past, and continue to deny them now.

I'm sure I could find juicier stuff in the tabloids, but this excerpt proves my point. In short, Mr. Giuliani's not exactly the epitome of a "family values" candidate. Yet Michele Bachmann is more than willing to prostrate herself before Giuliani's throne, hoping he'll toss a few bucks and maybe even a ray of celebrity sunshine her way. Now, I'm not one to judge someone's personal life-- if Mr. Giuliani can live with his past, it doesn't really concern me. I'm sure if I were someone affected by this behavior, I would feel differently. As Michele Bachmann has proven in the past, these types of things do concern her. She's been perfectly willing to step into other people's personal lives in the past-- even going so far as to ignore the existence of her lesbian stepsister in order to pursue her extremist anti-gay agenda. If Michele Bachmann was really interested in defending "traditional marriage"-- as I understand it, one woman + one man, no divorce, and no cheating-- she'd refuse to associate with someone who, obviously, did not share those same values. But for Senator Bachmann, money trumps values-- every time.

By the way, for those who are interested, this new film takes a critical look at the "deification" of Rudy Giuliani. It looks interesting, and should become extremely relevant as 2008 approaches.

[UPDATE]: Over at the HuffPost, Gene Stone rips Mary Cheney for her refusal to speak out about her father's fundraiser with Michele Bachmann, and her perceived lack of interest in gay rights unless it stands to benefit her personally. I don't know how fair this column is to Mary Cheney, but it's crazy to see the news of the Cheney/Bachmann alliance go national-- it's been featured on AmericaBlog, Pandagon, and probably others. Pretty soon, everyone in the 6th is going to know about Dick and Michele.


Even worse is Bachmann's hypocrisy in attending a fund-raiser at the home of a multimillionaire who is threatening to use eminant domain to steal Minneapolis Park Board land.