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A new blog enters the fray

...sort of. Heeeeeeeere's "Better Than Bachmann!"

The author hasn't posted anything except a links section and a test post, but I like the blog's epigraph/intro statement (or whatever you want to call it):

There are plenty of sources on the Web that explain why Michele Bachmann is wrong for Minnesota and America, but they all gloss over one key point: Patty Wetterling is better than Bachmann, much better.

True that, son.

I hope that Chris, the author, posts again and injects himself/herself into the discussion. Until then, I will try to do less Bachmann-bashing and more Patty-boosting. Or, preferably, combine the two more effectively.


Pat--a suggestion. You need an e-mail address on here somewhere for readers to contact you.

OK, Karl. I will get that up ASAP. I've been meaning to do it earlier, but given the choice between writing content and updating the site, I almost always choose to blog.

Great stuff on WvB.

Keep an eye on the Zimmermann trial scheduled for July31st. Bachmann was referring to Zimmermann when she said, "People on the right, people on the left..." in this article:


Even her supporters at BvW are perplexed by Bachmann's support for PRT:


More here:


Late to comment, but it is good that both views are addressed. It is difficult not wanting to drift into too broad a focus. At dumpbachmann it would be easy to look at the Cheney and Rove visits and get into presidential matters, etc. The focus has been kept on Bachmann, and has worked. You have the comparative focus, so a primarily pro-Wetterling site makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the link. I will watch it.