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Bachmann accepts extremists' money

Nice catch by Karl Bremer over at Dump Bachmann: does Michele Bachmann favor "ending government involvement in education"? Apparently one of her extremist out-of-state contributors does-- and he and his wife have given $13,400 to Michele Bachmann's campaign.

Karl asks all the right questions:

Is abolishing ALL public education in the mainstream of political thought these days? Is that what Minnesotans in the 6th Congressional Districts believe? Are they ready to send someone to Congress to work to abolish public education? That sounds like the position of an extremist to me, but watch the Republicans and their editorial mouthpieces like Westover howl when Bachmann is called an extremist.

Why aren't reporters asking these questions of Bachmann? Why aren't reporters digging into the backgrounds of all the wealthy out-of-state and out-of-district contributors to Bachmann's campaign--both in her regular campaign fund and the latest rump group formed to funnel big bucks into her campaign under the radar. Don't they think voters would want to know why people like the Conners, or William Hawks, who advocates using eminent domain to take public property, are shoveling money into Bachmann's campaign coffers? Why do they have to come to DumpBachmann.com to hear about this stuff?

You know what they say: "birds of a feather flock together."

Dump Bachmann also reports on the second Bachmann campaign committee, called the "Bachmann Victory Committee," and some of its donors.

When I have more time, I'll be looking into Bachmann's most recent FEC filing and seeing what other skeletons lurk in the closet...