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Bachmann campaign mailing

Yesterday, a family member gave me a mailing she had recently received from Michele Bachmann. I don't have the capability at this point to scan and upload the document, and a google search failed to turn up an internet copy. (If anyone does have an electronic copy of the mailing, please contact me using the e-mail in the upper right.) I am thus reduced to copying the (thankfully brief) mailing by keyboard.

The mailing is paid for by the "Bachmann Re-Election Committee." A search of the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board's website revealed that this is Michele Bachmann's campaign committee for her State Senate runs. Even though she has retired from the Minnesota Senate, Bachmann's campaign committee is apparently still running. This committee's 2005 year-end report (available here) reports a balance of $37,518.47 on-hand at the end of 2005. Apparently this is the money that was used for the mailing-- I haven't checked the FEC rules, but I'm willing to bet that the Bachmann campaign is unable to transfer that state campaign money to her congressional campaign committee.

Here is the text of the mailing. If you know of any discrepancies or misleading claims, please post them in the comments, or email me. I've been trying to use the "Minnesota Votes" website to see how Michele actually voted on these bills, but it doesn't include information on the 2006 session. Here is a list of the bills that Bachmann has sponsored. If you know of an alternative source, please let me know.

Page 1 (Front Page):

State Senator Michele Bachmann
Legislative Report

Dear Friend,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tahnk you for allowing me to serve you in the State Legislatures. I am honored and humbled that you chose me to represent you and your family and I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am to have been your State Senator.

We have accomplished so much together in the past 6 years. We have boosted K-12 spending to record levels, while at the same time holding the line on taxes. We fought to defend traditional family values, and to put our transportation system back on track.

It has been a true pleasure to work for you and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet with and hear from many of you throughout my service in the Legislature. Thank you again for the honor of serving you.

Michele Bachmann
State Senator

Page 2:

Leader on Education Reform
Michele worked tirelessly to ensure that our children received a first class education. The following are Michele's academic accomplishments [?!] in the 2006 Legislative session:
*$800 million per-pupil funding increase, the largest boost in more than a decade
*New aid for preschool and early childhood programs
*Pay-for-performance programs to reward teachers for results linked to academic achievement.
*Raised high school math and science standards.
[Picture w/ caption: "Senator Bachmann showing students around the capitol."]

Taxpayer Advocate
As a former tax litigator, Michele has been dedicated to reforming our tax code. Michele worked to:
*Eliminate the marriage penalty.
*Provide relief for middle income earners from the Alternative Minimum Tax.
*Defeat more than $1 billion in new taxes on individuals and businesses.
*Authored legislation to eliminate the death tax.
[Picture w/ caption: "Bachmann fighting for lower taxes in the Senate"]

Standing Up for Our Veterans
Michele chief authored legislation to protect the Disabled Veterans Rest Camp on Big Marine Lake. The bill will preserve this rest camp for those who bravely served our nation. Her efforts kept the camp from closure due to eminent domain. She was honored by the veterans at a special Memorial Day service.
[Picture w/ caption: "Senator Bachmann at a committee hearing for the Disabled Veterans Rest Camp bill"]

Page 3:

Supporting Our Peace Officers
Michele has been dedicated to giving our law enforcement what they need to keep us safe. To honor the service of a fallen hero, Michele was the chief Senate author of legislation to dedicate a portion of I-35 to Shawn Silvera, a Lino Lakes police officer killed in the line of duty.

[Fake newspaper-style article]
Bachmann Retires from State Senate after 6 Years of Dedicated Service
State Senator Michele Bachmann will be stepping down from the State Senate seat she has held for the past 6 years. Bachmann leaves behind a record of accomplishing what she has promised her constituents, and never backing down from a challenge. Bachmann was proud to represent Senate District 52 and will miss all those who made her service at the capitol a success.

[Picture w/ caption: Bachmann thanked for her service by the Senate Leadership.]
"You allowed me to serve as your voice and advocate in St. Paul. I will never forget the high honor it has been to serve as your State Senator."
-Michele Bachmann.

Page 4: back cover

This page lists Michele's contact info, contains the title "State Senator Michele Bachmann Legislative Report" again, and contains the legal information about the flyer:

Prepared and paid for by the Bachmann Re-Election Committee, PO Box 608, Stillwater, MN 55082. Not printed at government expense.

Let's work together and take down some of the claims made in this mailing.


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I love this part:

"Supporting Our Peace Officers
Michele has been dedicated to giving our law enforcement what they need to keep us safe. To honor the service of a fallen hero, Michele was the chief Senate author of legislation to dedicate a portion of I-35 to Shawn Silvera, a Lino Lakes police officer killed in the line of duty."

Yep, that's just what police officers need to keep us safe--name a chunk of freeway after them. I feel safer already, Michele.

Bachmann is proud to be an author of the concealed-carry legislation, yet as I recall, both the Minnesota State Sheriff's Association and the Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association both vigorously opposed it, saying it would make Minnesota LESS safe. But I didn't see anything about that in my constituent mailing from my senator.

I've got a scan posted of this at Dump Bachmann.

It's ironic that Michele Bachmann is claiming that she's helped with the Science Standards, when her efforts have been to undermine the science standards with Intelligent Design Creationism. Google Michele Bachmann creationism for more.