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Bachmann falsely claims to be a lawyer

This was lost in the weekend shuffle, but it is a bombshell. This seems to have the potential to get the Bachmann campaign into some very hot water.

Dump Bachmann blogger Eric Zaetsch has uncovered some shocking information: despite numerous claims made in e-mails and posts to her website, Michele Bachmann is not legally allowed to practice law in the state of Minnesota. As recently as July 19th, Bachmann represented herself as a lawyer:

Bachmann is a federal tax litigation attorney and is the state senator from Minnesota's Senate District 52.

Check out Eric's great, meaty post. It's long, but completely worth it... especially when you get to the end, and he's examining the prospect that this constitutes wire fraud, a federal offense:

Factually, I do not know how many emailings were made [with each recipient representing a separate mailing], for the above referenced item, or others, but I presume they all were emailed intending that they be believed, and those sent within the Sixth District presumably were intended to bear on and influence the outcome of an in-state election, for a federal office.

I would hope a mere hand-waving response from the Bachmann campaign would not be tolerated by those having enforcement jurisdiction; the attorney general and the county attorneys of each county in which the representation of current status was made.

Certainly the press should sieze the question, as they did in the case of candidate Entenza.

Now, the mailing I recently posted about does describe Bachmann as "a former tax litigation attorney." But, on at least two separate occasions (as Eric documents), her campaign materials omit the "former" qualifier.