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Bachmann wallowing in extremist money, Part IV: at least $49,790 in contributions from anti-education group

Karl Bremer has done some great research, exposing that Michele Bachmann has accepted at least $49,790 in contributions from signers of the following pledge:

"I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in education."

Eva Young writes:

Michele Bachmann told the Stillwater Gazette in an article published July 24 that public education is "my No. 1 issue." If this is the case, Bachmann should explain why she has taken nearly $50,000 in campaign contributions from individuals who have signed the following proclamation of the Alliance for the Separation of School and State:

"I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in education."

The Alliance for the Separation of School and State is a leading national organization that advocates for an end to all public education. This isn't just reducing school funding, or getting the federal government out of education, or supporting school vouchers. This is ending all government involvement in education.

Eva points out that the $49790 includes only contributions of $100 or more. Bachmann could have received more money from smaller donors (these donations don't have to be disclosed.) The amount raised from these anti-education extremists amounts to over 10% of Bachmann's campaign receipts. Would that give these group 10% lobbying power over Bachmann? If elected, will Michele Bachmann spend 10% of her time and effort trying to eradicate the American public education system?


We added info, tying CWFA individuals to sponsorship of that proclamation. You exposed them earlier on contraception, which started the entire issue of Michele Bachmann ducking entirely the issue of contraception.

CWFA goes around, and comes around, and they probably all go around with flying monkeys. That site of theirs is whacko. Big time whacko.

Bachmann really treasures her endorsement from them too.

I miswrote. The individuals are proclamation signers, and highly placed CWFA individuals in several states. I do not know if they are sponsors - but active participants overlap the two groups. The proclamation website, however highlights "POLICY LEADERS" and the list is fairly heavy with the CWFA persons.

Looks like Michele's been submitting more sloppy paperwork to the FEC. They also have challenged the use of her name in an under-the-radar PAC established to vacuum up the contributions from the big Cheney fund-raiser in June. Read the FEC requests for more information here: