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CA$H pt. 2: Wetterling cleans up in the Q2 money race

On the heels of the recent announcement that Patty Wetterling will be receiving help from the DCCC as part of its "Red to Blue" program comes more great news: Wetterling has doubled Michele Bachmann's fundraising in the second quarter of 2006. Yes, doubled. That is an amazing fact when you consider Bachmann's high-profile recent fundraisers with Dick Cheney and Dennis Hastert. If those didn't work, I can't imagine her upcoming event with Karl Rove in downtown Stillwater (anyone protesting this one, btw?) will raise too much more. Brian Melendez puts it well in the DFL's press release (included in the MNCR post linked above):

“Anyone who knows both women won’t be surprised that Patty Wetterling has double the support that Michele Bachmann has,? Minnesota DFL Chair Brian Melendez said. “The big surprise is how little support Michele really has in the sixth district. Half of her campaign chest comes from political-action committees. And much of the remaining $150,000 was raised largely from high-dollar fundraisers thrown by her Bush-administration friends, Dick Cheney and Dennis Hastert. No wonder she needs to fly Karl Rove in from Washington next week. Minnesotans aren’t investing in her divisive and angry campaign.?

Here are the hard numbers:

Wetterling's campaign reported raising $618,000 from April through the end of June, while Bachmann said she collected $310,000. Wetterling has $562,000 in the bank, compared with $383,000 for Bachmann.

That nearly 200,000 dollar difference in cash-on-hand is the big difference here. That extra 200 grand is going to enable the Wetterling folks to do just that much more, which could be the difference in what will likely be a very tight race. (Speaking of that... when's the next poll coming out? We haven't seen a poll in a very long time... not since Tinklenberg was still in the race, and Bachmann was still seeking the endorsement. Or at least I'm not aware of any recent polls.)

Other fundraising-related commentary:

*Dump Bachmann comments on the surprisingly small sum that Dennis Hastert's visit raised for Bachmann-- just $10,000. Still a sizeable sum, but he is the Speaker of the House. They also ask: is the Minnesota Republican delegation (Coleman, Kennedy, Gutknecht, Kline, and Ramstad) afraid to raise money for Bachmann in Minnesota? They're holding a fundraiser July 20th at a classy club in Washington. Are they afraid that hosting the fundraiser here will tie their campaigns to Bachmann's extremist agenda? As far as I'm concerned, all this means is more out-of-state and PAC money trickling in for Bachmann-- proving Brian Melendez' point that "Minnesotans aren't investing in her divisive and angry campaign."

Once again, congrats to Patty and the entire Wetterling campaign staff on this phenomenal achievement.


Well, I consider it a little less than phenomenal.