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Coverage of Bachmann's Rove event

Several blogs have covered the Bachmann campaign's fundraiser with Karl Rove, which took place Friday during the day (probably so that fewer people could show up to protest). As usual, Dump Bachmann has the best coverage, including some classic photos. Interestingly enough, only about 60 donors were willing to pony up the $250-$1,000 required to attend. News sources said that "several dozen" protestors were present. Depending on your interpretation of "several," that means protestors may have outnumbered the donors at this event.

DB also asks a relevant question: who paid for the security at this event? Check out the pictures and see if you agree with the police chief's statement:

Stillwater Police Chief Larry Dauffenbach was on the scene. When asked if Bachmann and Rove were paying for all the extra security around the Water Street Inn, he replied: "Security? There's no extra security down here," as at least five Stillwater police officers patrolled the block.

That is a classic quote. It reminds me of Vikings running back Mewelde Moore, speaking after the so-called "Love Boat" incident last year:

"Sex? What are you talking about, is that what? Man, what are you talking about? That's crazy. Sex?"

Check back for updates from the Stillwater Lumberjack Days parade. (Hopefully.)


There's a movie of Bachmann's contingent at Lumberjack Days over at Dump Bachmann.