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Local candidates dig Wetterling

Via MNCR, we learn that Patty Wetterling is one of the favorite local political figures of Jeff Rich, DFL candidate for the state House in district 41A. He's also the co-owner of the infamous Donkey Truck, one of the best campaign ideas I've seen. Here's what Jeff had to say in MNCR's interview:

MNCR: Who [...] is your favorite [...] Local Political Figure:
Paul: I really admire Sheldon Johnson, Steve Simon, Steve Kelley, Amy Klobuchar - a lot of really great leaders right now.
Jeff: Yeah, I really have to go with Steve Kelley, he’s soft-spoken, he stands up for what he knows is right, you just can’t NOT like the guy. I also have a ton of respect for Patty Wetterling - it was right around the time I came to Minnesota that her son was taken, and [the] way she’s devoted her life to the things she’s done is pretty amazing.