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Parade of Drones, part 1

As you can see, I'm back from my trip. :) Canada was great, but it's nice to be back in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Anyway, it's parade season, and I'm concerned about the image and conduct of the Bachmann campaign in these parades. Today, Dump Bachmann alerts us to this letter in the St. Cloud Times, which has been a good source of CD6 news and LTEs recently. These are disturbing allegations about the conduct of the Bachmann campaign and its supporters:

Letter: Bachmann’s conduct at parade was inappropriate Published: July 10. 2006 12:30AM

In the recent Avon parade, congressional candidate Michele Bachmann and her crew walked like a phalanx along both curbs of candidate Patty Wetterling’s group.

Bachmann and one or two of her crew crossed through the Wetterling group to alternate sides of the street and shook hands with the crowd. ...

I learned later that their entry previously had finished the parade.

At least one of Bachmann’s staff people yelled at the crowd to shake hands with their next congresswoman, while others were yelling her name and/or carrying her signs.

I told one of her self-identified staff that I thought this conduct was inappropriate and probably violated the usual parade rules, or at least etiquette.

This person talked to Bachmann, returned to me and said in a very belligerent tone, “Michele said sue us!?

To me, Michele Bachmann and her crew’s conduct indicates a character flaw that I do not want to have in my next congresswoman.

I have been a parade participant in the St. Cloud area for more than 20 years with both political and charitable/community groups. I have never seen such poor conduct.

Ed Lalor

St. Cloud

These are the disturbing strong-arm tactics of a group who believes that their agenda trumps basic ettiquette and the rights of an opposing viewpoint to be heard. It seems more suited to a different time and place, not here, today, in Minnesota-- perhaps the 50's and 60's in the South, where hate-filled mobs intimidated civil rights protestors, or in modern Russia, where groups of thugs loyal to Vladimir Putin strike fear into the opposition. If these are the acts of a few overenthusiastic "bad apples" in the Bachmann campaign, Michele Bachmann must repudiate these tactics at once. But the letter seems to imply that Bachmann embraced these actions, participated in them herself, and, rather than apologize when confronted, defended herself by telling opponents to "sue us."

Is this the type of behavior that citizens of the Sixth District expect from their next congressperson?

An upcoming post will explore what we can learn about Michele Bachmann from her parade-related activities.


It is less thugs intimidating folks, than very, very bad manners.

And bad discipline, because Michele Bachmann was there and should have shown leadership in quelling misbehavior.

On the off chance she ends up in Washington, such an inability to control a group [and herself??] in a civil manner suggests she would quickly marginalize herself in DC, as she did in being droped from state senate GOP leadership.

And Minnesota's Sixth Cong. District has many needs for which a sagacious and effective leader and consensus builder is needed.

That's spelled Wetterling, not Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann has gotten too emotionally hepped up over defining marriage while price at the pump is climbing because the value of the dollar against other currencies and measured by commodity prices [the ubiquitous barrel being key] is on a sustained worrisome downward spiral.

The cause there has to be deficit spending to finance a war, so that the tax is hidden [frozen, stable incomes with the buying power plummeting] rather than direct tax increases by setting the IRS rates higher.

The GOP idea is probably if a hidden tax on everyone is put under a hat the people will be too stupid to figure out what is going on, so cheapen the dollar but do not raise the tax rates.

I think the Sixth District voters will figure things out.

And Mark Kennedy, not a DFL sweetheart by any measure, has literature out claiming that there are too many lawyers and career politicians in Washington already - that it's a problem.

Well, Michele Bachmann's sole career choices have been IRS collections lawyer, wringing people like washrags I guess, for more bucks for the fisc, and then career politician in our state senate.

No jobs other than those two on the Bachmann resume.

And we have the present Sixth District representative, from his perspective of having been in DC for years, saying that combo, career politician - lawyer, is bad news for Minnesota.

Go figure.

He just may be right, if the focus is on Michele Bachmann (and not Amy Klobuchar, where Kennedy is probably focusing now).

It looks like it's just a nice Freudian slip, on Mark Kennedy's part, to discredit Michele Bachmann who is not his target, but who is vulnerable to his characterizations, when his words are applied to examining the Michele Bachmann resume.

Check her campaign website out - the only two, bring in income for the family jobs the candidate ever had are lawyer and career politician.

Welcome back Pat. Glad to see this blog up and going again. Hope your vacation was a nice one.