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Wetterling campaign kickstarts grassroots efforts

The latest post to the Patty Wetterling campaign blog alerts us to the fact that the campaign is starting its grassroots efforts in full force. It's never too early to get involved.

Patty has kicked off her campaign! 05:00 PM Jul 26, 2006

From Corey Day, Campaign Manager:

Patty has kicked-off her campaign’s grassroots effort. The campaign headquarters, located in Anoka, opened its doors last Wednesday to people interested in volunteering; two of the campaign’s other offices, in St. Cloud and Lake Elmo, held their first volunteer organizing meetings this week. Concerned citizens from the 6th District and beyond have already signed up to door-knock, make phone calls and write letters.

The Wetterling campaign is entering a new phase. Our offices are busier than ever taking calls from people who want to do whatever is needed to help send Patty to Washington.

Sign up to volunteer with this simple online form, or call 763-323-1803. Or, you can e-mail the campaign.

...What's that? You can't leave your house to volunteer because of crippling agoraphobia, but you just happen to have a sock full of cash lying around that you inherited from your (sadly deceased) crazy uncle? Why not donate it? (Actually, I'm sure you could make calls from your house if you can't leave it for some reason. Campaigns love all the help they can get.)