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Wetterling campaign updates

Recent news on the Wetterling front:

*The campaign marched in the Stillwater Lumberjack Days parade with over 50 supporters; pictures are up on Wetterling's website.

I was at the parade (on Greeley, near Oak Street), but I didn't realize it would last so long. We left after two hours, still not having seen the Wetterling or Bachmann contingents. I guess I could post my pictures of Pawlenty's gang, or IP candidate John Binkowski, but... why?

*Patty Wetterling will receive fundraising help from Nancy Pelosi. The folks over at that other site are concerned lest the Democrats re-take the House and Pelosi becomes Majority Leader. Well, they'd better be concerned... a new study commissioned by NPR says that Dem candidates are up by an average of 6 points over the Republicans in the 50 most competitive House races. The Republicans won those seats by an average of 12% in 2004. The results were stable whether the pollsters used candidates' names or just their party labels:

We asked the question about a generic Democrat or Republican, then we plugged in the names of actual incumbents and challengers. The numbers didn't change much and the voters seemed pretty firm about their choices. Only 18 percent of those favoring a Democrat said there was any chance they'd change their minds. Only 16 percent of those favoring a Republican said they might switch.

PS: I dislike MDE, but his headline is priceless: "Woman Who Wasn't Familiar With Curly Fries to Campaign For Wetterling" If that's all the dirt he can dig up on Patty, then it's fine by me.

*I'm not sure why the folks at MPR think that the above news is more important than this next item... but I heard them repeat the Pelosi story at least 3 times today, while a piece on the Walsh crime bill signed today at the White House didn't mention Patty Wetterling at all. But she was there.

To conclude, I just can't resist a pinch of Bachmann news: was her campaign spying on protestors at the Karl Rove event?