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Wetterling gets DCCC ca$h

Some good news for the Wetterling campaign, which should help offset the moolah raised by Michele Bachmann's trifecta of recent & upcoming fundraisers (Cheney, Hastert, Rove):

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on Thursday expanded its program to focus attention on Democratic House contenders who are seeking to take over Republican-held seats.

The committee newly identified 13 House candidates as waging competitive campaigns and deserving of additional political and financial support from the party leading up to the November elections.

These additions were the latest installment of the 2006 “Red to Blue� program established in February by the DCCC, which is trying to orchestrate the net gain of at least 15 seats needed to erase the Republicans’ current House majority. The program takes its name from the now-familiar color-coded partisan maps, as the DCCC is trying to turn Republican-held “red� districts to Democratic-controlled “blue� districts.

This is a good boost for the campaign as we get closer to the point where people other than us die-hards on the 'nets start to care. It should help spread Patty's positive message and help counter the Republican attack machine.


It is good. Wetterling will need all the funding help she can get because the campaign will get tense as election day nears.

Michele Bachmann has been building her war funds through highly publicized (and apparently centrally coordinated) efforts to bring bucks in by a sustained drive of have-your-pic-taken-with-a-Valerie-Plame -defendant-today plan.

With Cheney sued for compromising Plame's career CIA service out of spite, and in town for Bachmann; and Rove sued the same way for the same reasons, and in town for Bachmann; the conclusion is obvious --

The woman need to bring Scotter Libby into town so she can hit the bloody trifecta.

What other conclusion fits?

Mama always said, birds of a feather flock together.

Is Bachmann, herself, next going to take a swing at Plame for Plame and her husband not being "team players" and instead telling the truth as it appeared, about uranium yellow cake from Niger NOT being stockpiled by Saddam, pre-invasion and occupation?

Certainly Bachmann has not been critical of how Ms. Plame's career situation has been savaged needlessly. That's what it appears the lawsuit complaint IS all about - vindictive ruining of a reputation, a job, and an opportunity of the nation to continue to TRULY AND HONESTLY police and curb WMD proliferation.

Of those three defendants, so far two of the three, Cheney and Rove, have willingly been Bachmann cash jockeys.

So why not Libby for a leakers anonymous trifecta????

Good question, Eric. That would give even more credence to the Wetterling campaign's name for the endless stream of big-name fundraisers: the "More of the Same" Fundraising Tour-- more of the same leaks of national secrets for political advantage.

Do you really think that Libby would bring in the big bucks?