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Bachmann excited for photo-op with Bush

In contrast with Makeover Mark Kennedy, Michele Bachmann appears to be looking forward to having her photo taken with President Bush next Tuesday, at least according to the Strib:

Michele Bachmann will have no qualms about being photographed with President Bush on Tuesday, when the commander-in-chief headlines her fundraiser in Wayzata.

"We have five children and they are all excited," said Bachmann, the GOP candidate for the U.S. House from Minnesota's Sixth District. "They're all going to have haircuts. ... We're going to get everybody there and just hope everyone smiles and is looking at the camera."


Although the White House has yet to disclose the president's plans, Bachmann said Bush has agreed to attend her fundraiser at the home of Jim and Joann Jundt. The reception costs $1,000, while a $5,000 donation gets a photograph with Bush.

"I welcome help from the president," Bachmann said. "It is no small honor to have the leader of the free world come and stand by someone like myself and say, 'She needs to be on our team and I want to see her elected to be a member of Congress.' "

Like I said yesterday, Bachmann will be another Bush rubber-stamp. Is that what Sixth District voters want? The most recent SurveyUSA poll (August 11-13) showed a 36% approval rate, against 63% disapproval, for Bush in Minnesota. There is no specific data breakdown for the Sixth District, but one could estimate it is a few points higher owing to the more conservative nature of the district--still dismal numbers heading into the election season.

Here are some previous Bush photo classics. Let's hope there's a few of the same caliber produced next Tuesday.

bush driving.jpg

bush smile.jpg




So many classics... post yours in the comments. Or, better yet, photoshop Michele Bachmann into one of these.