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Bush and Bachmann-- and caption contest!

Link those two names in your collective unconscious, Sixth District voters. Here's an image to remember with the word association:


(Hat tip to Karl Bremer. The original pic can be found here.)

Caption contest time!

Any other pictures of the Bush-Bachmann event, send 'em here.

The Washington Post has an article on the health care event, and it contains this about the Bachmann fundraiser:

After his health care event, Bush attended a fundraiser in nearby Wayzata to raise an estimated $425,000 for Minnesota Republicans and state Sen. Michele Bachmann, who is running for an open seat in the House. The event, attracting about 300 people to Jim and Joann Jundt's home on Lake Minnetonka, cost $1,000 a person. Photographs with Bush were going for $5,000.

Sounds good... but who's footing the bill? Contrast what Bush said about healthcare...

How many of you have got insurance and you never really care about the cost because somebody else is paying the bill?" Bush asked rhetorically. "You don't really care about quality because some person in an office somewhere is paying the bill on your behalf."

...with this paragraph from the article...

By pairing an official event with a campaign fundraiser, the White House can reduce the amount of money a political campaign must pay for Bush's attendance. How much a campaign pays for Bush's appearance is determined by a complex formula that calculates how much of the day's travel was political versus official.

So the whole "health care panel" was a farce, set up in order so Minnesota taxpayers can foot more of the bill for Bush's security, shutting down the roads, etc. People experiencing a loooooong rush hour today would probably be glad to know that they're also footing the bill for the President's visit. Suddenly the strategy of having the fundraiser in Wayzata (outside the Sixth) seems to be a good one.

My sources who listened to it tell me that the Bush speech on health care was ridiculously bad. Apparently he's gotten even worse at speaking since becoming President.


Caption contest: How about the big guy saying, "What do you mean, Mark Kennedy? This is Mark Kennedy with me, just slightly madeover."

How about, "Sure, we're cheating on the travel costs and if you want to know if I cheat on my taxes; I have this Cracker Jack high-octane practicing tax lawyer wi' me. So speak wi' my mouthpiece."

[Actually the JD degree is not from a Cracker Jacks box, it's from Oral Roberts. And we know about practicing vs. inactive ...]

Bush: "Ohhh man, who let the homos and the coloreds in?"

Bachmann: "Don't worry Andy and I brought the SS. They'll take care of the problem."

MB: George, did you know I had a step sister who's a homo? I call her Satan.

W: Oh sh*t! What's with you and Cheney and your homo family members? Sure glad I'm not sharing your custard!

Oh, I thought you were Kathleen Harris...

Caption continued:
,I mean Katherine Harris ...

W, "What do you mean, Dump Michele Bachmann? She is a warm and compassionate Republican who understands our nation, our values and what we need to do over the next two years. And if she looses, Rove and I will be the first to sling the clueless bitch under a train, custard and all."

MB "But my personal stalker, she's not here, she's not got a custard, I'm the only woman here, with a custard, I don't understand, what does he mean, who under a train, who clueless, huh, wha' ..."

Bush:"Hey man your staff may be illegal, but they sure do make good custard."

Bachmann:"If you keep making this stuff taste this good...maybe we'll have raise you wage to $6.00 an hour."

Michelle Bachman laughs politely as Bush and the rest of the fund-raising crowd shout "Whore" at a video close-up of Minnesota's Republican candidate for congress.

No caption, but here's Bachmann's take on it:

The Scoop on President Bush's Visit
What an honor it was to have the President of the United States here on my behalf. Hopefully, you were able to see some of the coverage on television, heard about it on the radio or saw an article in the newspaper.

After President Bush participated in a Health Care Forum in Minnetonka, I was able to join him, Governor Tim Pawlenty, US Senator Norm Coleman and White House Advisor Karl Rove for the limousine ride to my event. On the way to the Jundt home in Wayzata, we were informed we were going to make a stop. Little did we know what a treat it would be for us, literally and a treat for the unsuspecting customers at Glaciers Custard and Coffee Café.

I have never been in the Presidential limousine before so I was a little unsure what to do when the limousine stopped at the custard stand. I wasn't sure if I should exit with the President or get out of my side of the car. Karl Rove told me I would exit out the door on my side after The President steps out and someone would open the door for me. I could not believe I was discussing what flavor of custard to order with the President of the United States!

President Bush was so incredibly engaging with the servers. He actually stuck half of his body through the order window and asked, "Can anybody get some custard here." It was fun to see the excitement in the people's faces when it dawned on them that President Bush was in the same line to order custard. People were whipping out their cell phones to call loved one to say, you will not believe who is here. Everyone wanted to get their picture taken with him.

Always the mom, I thought, we need napkins. I asked the President if he had a napkin and he said no. So, I had to quickly grab napkins. I cannot imagine dripping custard in the Presidential limousine.

President Bush and I did share our custards with Governor Pawlenty, Senator Coleman and Karl Rove. Every bit of custard was gone well before we arrived at the Jundt home!

As we were driving, President Bush was constantly waving to people along the streets. I was struck by the humility he has towards his role as President of the United States. He enjoys connecting with people, even ever so briefly, and having them feel they have made contact with the President of the United States. I turned around and looked out the back window. The expressions on people's faces were priceless. They were just ecstatic when they realized The President had just waved at them.

If they were ecstatic, I can not even put into words the honor and joy I felt from having the support of The President. I am also grateful to the Jundt family who graciously opened their home, Southways, which is part of Minnesota history. I would also like to thank Governor Tim Pawlenty and US Senator Norm Coleman for co-sponsoring the event. It was truly remarkable.

If you are ever in Wayzata, stop in at Glaciers. Just tell them the President sent you!

Yodelling contest.

It's funny, Pat. I swear. I managed to make it to the event, given my dad does the healthcare thing. While Bush did a few questionable things, like try to explain an HSA to a room full of 300 administrators, he did communicate a simple idea - that more information in healthcare is needed for people to make informed choice. And he was well received, and funny in a sophomoric sort of way. But I am furious like you over the taxpayers footing bills for campaign stops. Though the Dems do it too, undoubtedly.

A little late to the caption contest but how's this?

"If you think this custard is good Michele, just wait 'til you taste the Kool-aid!"