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Media finally pays attention to the facts about Bachmann

...at least a little. Or, at least, the information is now out there to a wider range of people.

First, Karl Bremer had an excellent op-ed printed in the Pioneer Press about Bachmann's record of accepting campaign cash ($50,000 and counting) from people who want to abolish public education. He lays out all the evidence tying Bachmann to the Alliance for the Separation of School and State and their extremist views on education, and then asks the relevant questions:

So why would all these people who want to kill public education be showering money on Michele Bachmann, who proudly states that public education is her "No. 1 issue?" What do these public education abolitionists want in return when Congresswoman Bachmann goes to Washington? Are the voters of the 6th Congressional District ready to send someone to Congress to advocate ending government involvement in education?

If Michele Bachmann is going to claim that public education is her "No. 1 issue," then she should tell the voters why she's bankrolling her campaign with tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from people who want to end all public education. Or is there something else Michele isn't telling us about her education agenda?

Then, KARE 11 covered the story, broken by Eric Zaetsch at Dump Bachmann, that Michele Bachmann is not a lawyer, despite claims in her campaign materials. Here is their take on the story:

KARE-TV also received mail from viewers pointing out 6th District congressional candidate Michele Bachmann gave up her license to practice law in 2001 but that her campaign flyers say she's a federal tax attorney.

It's true she voluntarily placed her license, which she first received in 1986, on restricted status in 2001. If you check the state's lawyer registration department Bachmann's in the category of "not authorized."

A campaign flyer distributed last year clearly says "Michele is a federal tax litigation attorney." A biography prepared by the Bachmann for Congress Committee reads "Michele is a federal tax litigation attorney." Another letter dated October 5, 2005 and signed by Bachmann reads "I'm a federal tax litigation attorney who has spent a career fighting against high taxes on businesses and individuals."

Senator Bachmann's campaign spokesperson told KARE-TV she surprised to hear that anyone's raising this issue. But more recent news releases refer to her law career in past tense -- noting she "was" a federal tax litigation attorney.

KARE seems to be unwilling to definitively say that Michele Bachmann lied, but it's pretty clear that she did. Though her campaign spokesperson is "surprised" to hear these charged levelled against Michele Bachmann, she really shouldn't be. The facts are very clear here. Michele Bachmann claimed to be something she is not on mutlitple occasions, with no qualifiers or asterisks. She was not straight with the voters of the Sixth District. This story deserved more than the usual "balanced" coverage of the mainstream media. I hope that other local media outlets will pick up on both of these stories and make them issues in the campaign, as they deserve to be.