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More good news

Poll after poll shows the public trusts Democrats to run the country much more than they trust the GOP. A new Newsweek/MSNBC poll gives these results:

On every issue other than terrorism and homeland security, the Dems win. Americans trust them to do a better job than the Republicans handling:

* The situation in Iraq: 45 to 39
* The economy: 53 to 34
* Health care: 56 to 26
* Gas and oil prices: 52 to 25
* Stem-cell research: 52 to 29
* Federal spending and the deficit: 53 to 29.

Wow. But what about the issue of the "war on terror" and homeland security? Republicans still hold a 5-point edge. But in the 2002 midterm elections, the GOP held a 23-point lead. Keep in mind also that this poll was conducted directly after the airliner plot was foiled, as the hype was still fresh in the air and the Republican fear-mongering began. If this news hadn't broken, would the Republicans be leading on any issue? Doubtful.


I thought of posting the comment, "I would trust Charles Manson to run the country more than I would trust Michele Bachmann."

I thought it over. It is just too glib. I want to be fair and balanced now, and state as a truth; I actually would favor Bachmann to run the country, over a counter choice of Charles Manson.

There Bachmann fans, you have it, so go and say I endorse Michele.