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NRCC exec: Bachmann "in serious danger of losing"

Michele: apparently not everyone "see[s] victory this fall everywhere [they] go."

Hot off the Pioneer Press: "GOP leader says she is worried about Bachmann's chances"

The executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee Tuesday told supporters she is very worried about her candidates' fate this year.

The e-mail featured photographs of four Republican congressional candidates "in serious danger of losing," including a photo of state Sen. Michele Bachmann, who is running for Congress from Minnesota's north and west suburban district. Her opponent in the 6th District is Democrat Patty Wetterling.

"Republican Congressional candidates are facing a desperate situation nationwide. Our candidates in targeted districts are in very serious danger of losing on Election Day. And if we lose those swing districts, the Democrats will undoubtedly win the majority on November 7th," Sally Vastola, NRCC executive director said in an e-mail to supporters today.

The dire e-mail was designed as a pitch for Republicans to contribute campaign cash.

"There are ten short weeks until Election Day and the Democrats have surpassed us in countless ways," Vastola wrote.

Fundraising ploy, or a desperate attempt to lower expectations? Or, even worse, an attempt to cut Bachmann loose?

The NRCC exec quoted in the article, Sally Vastola was involved in some controversy last October when questions were raised about her interesting part-time arrangements with Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY).


Here's a testament to how effective Karl Rove has been: I get twisted into knots thinking this is a clever ploy to galvanize and motivate the Republicans all over the state, and to lull the already-energized DFLers into complacency. Exhibit A: national GOP leaders claiming to abandond Mark Kennedy. Exhibit B: NRCC exec fretting over Bachmann. It's a trap, a trap, I tells ya!

It would (quite possibly literally) kill me if Dayton's seat went to Kennedy and Bachmann got elected. And as I live in CD 6 (Woodbury), it would be a very personal thing.

(I keep hearing about Katherine Harris' autodestruct sequence in Florida, and hoping that Bachmann's campaign will start coming apart, too. Fingers crossed!)