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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. It was a busy weekend. I don't have a really coherent and thoughtful post for tonight; instead, I thought I'd just point out a few random items of interest on the Sixth District front.

To begin... check out the modified Bachmann sign over at Dump Bachmann. Very clever.

-A letter to the editor in the Star Tribune praises Patty Wetterling and her support for sportsmen and conservation efforts:

Wetterling is supportive of sportsmen's agenda

Hunting and fishing have been a way of life in my family. It seems to me that politicians are always claiming to be a friend of the sportsmen without making themselves available to people who want to voice their concerns for the future of our sporting traditions.

That's why I was impressed to see Patty Wetterling spending so much time at the Game Fair in Ramsey, and later found out that she had a booth at the Anoka Gun Show.

It is great to see someone who has been so deeply and personally touched by gun violence reaching out to the voters who care about these issues.

Many politicians will pose in pictures holding a gun and wearing hunting gear, but Patty truly has an interest in conserving our lakes and land, protecting the Second Amendment and honoring the sporting traditions in Minnesota.

I am proud to support Patty Wetterling not just because she supports the rights of sportsmen, but because she continues to fight for American families and will represent us all in Congress.


There are a lot of other blogs out there still doing great work, as always. Recommended:
-Eric Zaetsch looks at the recent revelation that Michele Bachmann does not provide healthcare coverage for her campaign workers, nor does her husband's Christian psychology practice.

Michele Bachmann derides universal healthcare coverage as ‚Äúsocialized medicine‚Ä? while declining healthcare coverage to ‚ÄúChristian‚Ä? employees in her ‚ÄúChristian‚Ä? business.

First bottom line voter question: Is it indecent for a prospering small business to think so little of employees that health coverage is not provided while we lack universal federal health coverage?

The family business of Michele Bachmann (and spouse Marcus) is termed a ‚ÄúChristian‚Ä? business by the Bachmanns but offers its employees no health benefits. If a health plan were offered employees, net profits to the Bachmanns would be less. They opt to not diminish Bachmann profits that way. Similarly, while flush with cash in DC from local sources Bachmann declines to give campaign staff any medical benefit coverage.

-Across the Great Divide has another great post looking at the apparent disconnect between Michele Bachmann's actions and the president's healthcare plan.

Let's start with the revelation that Bachmann's own Christian counselling business, founded in late 2004, doesn't provide health care benefits to its employees, who strongly incline toward applying Biblical principles to family counseling. One representative sample:
My goal as a Christian therapist is to help clients find hope, healing and freedom in Christ by offering empathy and encouragement in a sage, supportive atmosphere. I seek to combine my passion for God's Word and the practical application of Scriptural principles with my processional training and life experiences in a way that comforts clients with the comfort that I have received from God. (2 Corinthians 1:4)

Okay, that's cool. They're disclosing their orientation. They don't, however, disclose their prices so could compare them with the other one in town ‚ÄĒ which is a basic feature of the consumer-driven health care system Bush and Bachmann espouse.

"I like the idea that people will be more responsive to their health care purchases if they know what the cost and if they believe that they personally will have to pay for those purchases, individuals will make wiser choices and they may decide to forgo a test and they may decide to shop for a doctor that has lower prices.‚Ä?

-Dump Bachmann features an article by William Prendergast, of the Stillwater Tribune blog, who shows that Michele Bachmann has repeatedly and falsely claimed that legalizing gay marriage would force schools to teach children that homosexuality is OK and "perhaps you should try it."

Post your Sixth District-related news in the comments.