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Tag Team

I found this photo in a section of Michele Bachmann's website entitled, "You meet the nicest people at Game Fair."


Birds of a feather flock together. Michele Bachmann, it has been shown, has repeatedly claimed to be a "tax litigation attorney," when in fact public information shows she is "not authorized" to practice law in the state of Minnesota. Mark Kennedy, whose seat Bachmann is now trying to win, is also in hot water over repeatedly misrepresenting himself as a Certified Public Accountant. In fact, Kennedy's CPA license is inactive, and he signed the following pledge:


It says, "I will not use the [CPA] designation in a way that may lead a person to believe that I hold an active certificate in Minnesota" and "I will place the word 'inactive' adjacent to my CPA title."

The only difference in Michele's case is that she did not sign such a pledge, to my knowledge. Her misstatements are still in clear violation of Minnesota statute:

481.02 Unauthorized practice of law

Subdivision 1. Prohibitions. It shall be unlawful for any person [...] except members of the bar of Minnesota admitted and licensed to practice as attorneys at law, [...] by word, sign, letter, or advertisement, to hold out as competent or qualified to give legal advice or counsel, [...]

I guess both Bachmann and Kennedy agree that "sanding off the truth" is good enough for the citizens of the Sixth District.

The Star Tribune, at least, and perhaps other media, have covered Kennedy's CPA misstatements. When will they cover Michele Bachmann's case?


My Big Question on that pic - how much did Mark Kennedy have to pay to have his picture taken with Michele Bachmann?

As for the credentials, the resume inflating, each deserves - they together deserve a Randy Moss simulated mooning.

It was not exactly a real moon Moss gave Green Bay, just sort of like one, close, with some factual integrity but hardly the real thing.