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A perfect opportunity

Now that Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) has resigned from Congress because of sexual improprieties involving teenage boys, there is a perfect opportunity for Patty Wetterling, if she is elected and the Democrats take control of the House.

Foley was ironically the leader of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. If Patty Wetterling is elected, who better to lead the caucus than a woman who has overcome the tragic kidnapping of her son to lobby successfully for tougher laws protecting the kids of America?

(P.S.-- anyone know if Patty was involved in starting this caucus? I found info that Rep. Nick Lampson founded the caucus, but I would venture to guess that victims' advocates were also involved.)


Foley is a complex case. It is like J. Edgar Hoover's public gay hostility, while cross dressing for fun with partner Clyde Tolson.

There is the public persona, and the private demon, and there almost looks to be a childlike glee in pulling the wool over everyone's eyes.

Yet Foley was instrumental in getting passed the legislation that Wetterling went to DC for, to be at the bill signing. Good came from his public-persona stances.

I think if the Dems jump this too much, on Foley, personally; it is getting into the gutter with the GOP, who've grown fairly comfortable there, over time.

The GOP leadership cover-up indications, with Foley's situation, seem to be fairer game for attack.

What did Hastert know and when did he know it?


The GOP from Nixon through Iran-Contra, to this; always seems to get into hotter water on the coverup than on the crime.