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Another blatantly dishonest NRCC smear

Dump Bachmann has the images of the latest NRCC smear against Patty Wetterling. Here's the text:

"Shipping American jobs overseas hurts American workers. [...] PATTY WETTERLING IS HELPING LOAD THE SHIP. Patty Wetterling's financial disclosures reveal that she has had a financial interest in companies that outsource jobs overseas or employ cheap labor overseas."

The two sources listed for this claim are Patty's filing with the U.S. Senate (apparently from when she was in the running for the Senate nomination) and this list from Lou Dobbs of CNN of companies that are "exporting America":

These are U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers.

Well, guess what? I took a look at Michele Bachmann's financial disclosure form from the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board. Listed there are several mutual funds. I took the first one, American Funds Capital World Growth and Income and looked it up. I randomly selected a company from the top of the list, Aetna, Inc., of which the fund owns 2 million shares worth almost $80 million.

Then I checked it against Lou Dobbs' list. Guess what? Aetna is EXPORTING AMERICA! Michele Bachmann has a financial interest in "exporting America!"

That is just one example; I'm sure a detailed search through the records of Bachmann's funds and holdings would result in literally hundreds more.

Here's another: Michele Bachmann has taken contributions from PepsiCo's PAC; Pepsi is listed on Lou Dobbs' list. These AMERICA-EXPORTERS are funding her campaign!

I can't believe the hypocrisy. I hope the media spreads the word about this smear, as well.


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