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Beer, smokes, and soft drinks: a quick glance at Michele Bachmann's donors

Apparently, the lobbyists in the tobacco, liquor, and soft-drink industries are counting on Michele Bachmann to carry their water (or liquor) if she is elected to Congress.

According to FEC reports, Bachmann has received $10,000 from the National Beer Wholesalers Association of America.

She has also received $1,000 from the tobacco company R. J. Reynolds' PAC, and another $500 from the Lorillard Tobacco Company PAC.

Bachmann accepted $500 from the Pepsi-Co's "Concerned Citizens' Fund," and another $1,000 from the lobbying arm of the soft-drink manufacturers' lobbying group, the American Beverage Association (formerly the National Soft Drink Association.)

Draw your own conclusions about who Michele Bachmann will be working for in Congress: the health of American citizens, or the health of the tobacco, liquor, and soft drink industries?


A question on the beer distributorships - I recall reading McCain's family has a Budweiser distributorship, his PAC has contributed to Bachmann, and his PAC money is handled by Keith Davis, who handles the Bachmann and Katherine Harris treasuries. Is McCain courting Bachmann for some quid pro quo local help and support for an '08 presidential run?

What other beer ties does anyone around Bachmann have?