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Get ready for NRCC, DCCC ads

Tom Scheck of Polinaut has been visiting the various metro TV stations and has the goods on who's spending what where:

The NRCC is investing a boatload of money in the race in support of Bachmann. The public files at KSTP-TV, WCCO-TV and KARE-11 say the NRCC is spending $1,192,275 for 863 ads between today and election day.

Get ready for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to follow suit. They're scheduled to run 256 ads between October tenth and election day on WCCO-TV and KARE-11 at the total cost of $771,175.

Maybe the DCCC is getting ripped off, or they're targeting their ads in primetime. It seems the NRCC is getting a lot more ads for their money, but the time slot does matter.

Mr. Scheck has also seen the new NRCC ad, which repeats the lie that Patty Wetterling will raise taxes on the middle class.

I just saw the ad on KSTP-TV. The National Republican Congressional Committee ad basically tells viewers that Wetterling will raise your taxes if she's elected. Here's the text from the ad :

"Patty Wetterling just doesn't get it. Lowering taxes helps families and creates jobs. Yet Patty Wetterling opposes making our tax relief permanent that means higher taxes on working families. It means reducing child tax credits and it means bringing back the marraiage penalty. And bringing back the death tax on family businesses and farms. It's clear, Patty Wetterling means higher taxes. She's wrong. The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising."

This lie has already been addressed. Patty Wetterling has NOT proposed eliminating all of the Bush tax cuts. In fact, she has her own plan for middle class tax relief. The only people who would see their taxes increase are those who benefited disproportionately from the Bush tax cuts-- the wealthy.

But the indirect Bachmann-Wetterling exchange on taxes reflects a common disconnect in the discourse on this point this election year.

Wetterling and most Democrats do not favor the expiration or repeal of the Bush tax cuts as they apply to middle-class families.

The standard Democratic position this year is that only those in the top 1 or 2 percent of income earners should see their tax rates revert to the pre-Bush levels. You can argue against that on the basis of economic stimulus and how it indirectly benefits working families.

But apparently there is a broad bipartisan consensus that the $50,000 family of four should keep the benefits it has received under the Bush cuts.

-Eric Black

Why does the NRCC feel the need to fill every ad they run with baseless smears? Can't Michele Bachmann run on her record? (Oh, that's right... she hasn't accomplished anything...) Couldn't they at least go with the standard smears of Democrats... you know, things like,

"Patty Wetterling will ban the Bible!"
"Patty Wetterling will make abortion mandatory!"
"Patty Wetterling will come to your house and forcibly marry your 13-year-old daughter to an iguana!"
"Patty Wetterling will take away your gun and send it to her best bud, Osama bin Laden!"

What ad can we expect next from the liars at the NRCC?


Saw the first truly aggressive Wetterling ad tonight. Went after Bachmann on economic issues pretty good and ended with "Michele Bachmann--radical ideas we can't afford."

It's about time.