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Michele Bachmann and MDE

MN Publius made the discovery today that Michael Brodkorb, who runs the blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed, has done "research" for the Michele Bachmann campaign. He was paid $5500 on August 3rd, according to FEC disclosure reports. Brodkorb did not disclose this relationship, though MN Publius points out that is not illegal.

So, let's see:

Bachmann basically pleads the Fifth on the NRCC smears, thus tacitly endorsing them.

She puts out press releases filled with similar distortions (Wetterling will raise your taxes. Wetterling is skipping debates.)

She hires Michael Brodkorb, a professional Republican hit man, to do "research" for her campaign.

Add that up, and you see that Michele Bachmann is running a negative campaign that is not focusing on the issues, despite her claims to the contrary.