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More bad press for Bachmann and the NRCC

Good for the Strib. Eric Black says what I said yesterday about the latest dishonest NRCC flyer claiming that Patty Wetterling is helping to ship jobs overseas.

A new flier sent to homes in the Sixth Congressional District this week accuses DFL congressional candidate Patty Wetterling of complicity in shipping American jobs overseas.

This is based on the argument that Wetterling is accountable for the actions of the companies whose stock is owned by mutual funds in which Wetterling has invested.

The flier also ignores the fact that Wetterling's Republican opponent, Michele Bachmann, likewise owns shares in mutual funds that own shares of companies that have shipped U.S. jobs overseas.

There is a ridiculous quote from Jonathan Collegio, the same guy who defended the claim that Patty "failed to vote" in the election in 2004 when in fact she voted in both the primary and the general elections.

Collegio of the NRCC: Bachmann's holdings are not relevant because "the mailer is not about the Republican candidate."