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New Bachmann ad touts "accomplishments"

Michele Bachmann has a new ad up on her website entitled "Accomplishment." I don't know if it's been shown on TV yet.

This ad touts Bachmann's record of "accomplishment" in "standing up for taxpayers" during her career in the State Senate. It mentions her attempts to end the "death tax" (aka the estate tax), end the Alternative Minimum Tax, and the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights.

As far as I'm aware, all of these bills and amendments failed.

Can this really be called a record of "accomplishment"?

Over at Dump Bachmann, there's a challenge to Bachmann supporters: come up with anything that Michele Bachmann accomplished in her six years in the Minnesota State Senate.


There are no accomplishments there. She has introduced two bills, and then she "wanted to end the alternative minimum tax".... How is that an "accomplishment"?