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Press release on ad

Here's Wetterling's press release on her new ad:

ANOKA, Minn. – Patty Wetterling released a new TV ad on Tuesday that exposes opponent Michele Bachmann’s support for a radical plan that would raise taxes and hurt middle-class families.

“Michele Bachmann says she’s for lowering taxes, and yet she supports replacing the income tax with a national sales tax,? says Wetterling. Under a national sales tax, all taxable goods and services – including daily basics like milk, bread, groceries, clothing, new tires and prescription drugs – could cost 23% more.

“All lower and middle-class Minnesotans would pay more taxes under this plan, up to $4,077 per year,? says Wetterling. “I find it incredible that Michele Bachmann wants to place a heavier burden on the people who can least afford to pay more for basic goods and services.?

“My opponent’s support for a national sales tax shows that she is ready to raise taxes. This plan is another example of her extremist agenda that hurts everyday Americans," adds Wetterling.

Wetterling notes that in the state Senate, Bachmann raised taxes after pledging not to (Taxpayer’s League of Minnesota 2005;HF 139, 7/13/05). “She goes back on her word and cannot be trusted to offer relief and opportunity to the average American.?

“Unlike my opponent, I believe in providing real opportunity for the middle class. That’s why I have clearly proposed targeted middle-class tax breaks that assist in buying a home, raising a family, paying for college and saving for retirement,? adds Wetterling.

Still no source where she supports the plan. I will e-mail the campaign and ask.

(Still no response from the Bachmann campaign; I wrote them a few days ago to ask about Michele Bachmann's "accomplishments" in the State Senate. We'll see if I have better luck with the Wetterling campaign.)

[UPDATE]: I did have better luck with the Wetterling campaign. Here is the solid source for the ad's claim.

BvW is on this, too.


It's not a solid source. This needs to be backed up by looking up in lexis nexis. It's also possible a reporter got it wrong. My memory of the Woodbury debate is that Bachmann said this tax ought to be considered - but I could be wrong. I think Bachmann may have been saying publicly she supported such a tax in the past.