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RNC Chair Mehlman coming to town for Bachmann

I got an email today from the Bachmann campaign, inviting me to "Rally for Victory with RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman"! It's September 20th in Woodbury. They have another "photo op" going down, but this time you don't need to pony up the big bucks (though I'm guessing if you slipped them a cool $2,000 under the table, they wouldn't care so much if you didn't fulfill your grassroots obligations...):

The Bachmann for Congress campaign issued a call challenge to all grassroots activists, volunteers, and campaign supporters. Simply make 180 total calls or register 12 people to vote between now and September 19, to have your picture taken with Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman at our Rally for Victory on September 20.

Your work is needed to help find more supporters for our Republican candidates. The more supporters we can identify the better our direct message will be and the more people we can turn out to vote on Election Day! This work is vital to our victory in November.

I challenge readers of this blog to call 180 people in the Sixth District themselves and deliver some talking points about the real Michele Bachmann. Tell them about her long tradition of protecting the taxpayers while allowing them to pay her cable bills. Tell them about her stance on nuking Iran, and her consistent support for the failed U.S. policy in Iraq. Tell them how she got all giggly when she ate custard with President Bush, and the fundraisers with Rove, Cheney, Hastert, et. al. Tell them about the $50,000 in contributions from anti-education groups, the donations from the Safari Club (supports the hunting of endangered animals), and the money from tobacco and liquor interests. Tell them about her opposition to the minimum wage-- the concept of the minimum wage itself-- as well as her support of business interests over those of working families. Tell them about her firm belief in a market-based healthcare system, and mention that she takes a principled stand in refusing to cover one red cent of her employees' health-care costs. Tell them about her long, prestigious State Senate record of submitting purely symbolic bills, and bills that would be consistently killed in committee. Tell them how this led her own party to demote her from her leadership position.

Deliver all these facts in a pleasant, non-combative way. Simply present the facts, and tell your listener to have a good night.

Once you've hit 180, contact the Bachmann campaign and sign up for that pic with Ken Mehlman!