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Smear campaign begins

Dump Bachmann has been covering the anti-gay lit piece sent out by the NRCC to smear Patty Wetterling. It says that Patty "failed to vote in 3 elections" on the front, and when you turn it over, there's a picture of a wedding cake with two grooms and the text,

"But There's One Vote Patty Wetterling Would Make..." "Liberal Patty Wetterling is against a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage. (St. Cloud Times, 10/20/04)" "You'd think protecting marriage would be a piece of cake, but obviously Patty Wetterling's "hometown" values aren't like ours."

I just received a tip that there's another NRCC hit piece circulating, using the same format ("Patty Wetterling didn't vote in 3 elections, but there's one vote she will make...") and then making the claim that she would "raise taxes." I'd be interested in seeing this piece, so scan it if you have it and send it here.


It is interesting that the Cheney, Rove, and Bush visits were joint party and Bachmann fundraising - and the cash flowed back to Kieth Davis' hands, in DC.

Now we are seeing negative advertising, without any DIRECT Bachmann fingerprints. Is it indirectly tied to her? It is to advance her candidacy by attacking her primary opponent, that's clear.

There is a pattern and we can infer what may be likely, but I would like to see the money man, Davis, audited with a fine-toothed comb.