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Wetterling receives LCV endorsement

Tom Scheck of Polinaut reports that Patty Wetterling has received the endorsment of the League of Conservation Voters, quoting from their press release:

Patty Wetterling understands that by investing in clean energy technologies, we are investing in our future public health and economy. We know Patty Wetterling will be a true leader in Congress for the people of Minnesota‚Äôs 6th District.‚Ä?

In addition to her strong support for investing in renewable energy, Ms. Wetterling is also a proponent of investing in public transportation projects. In Congress, she will support public transportation measures and will work to extend Minnesota’s Northstar Commuter Rail line from Minneapolis to St. Cloud.


It will be interesting to see how Bachmann's apologists spin this one. The League of Conservation Voters is a very mainstream organization that endorses common-sense environmentalists on both sides of the aisle. Their endorsements are based on sound science, natural resource protection and clean energy policies. If there is a group that can't be labeled "partisan" in favor of any party, it is the LCV.

But I'm sure the ugly Bachmann/NRCC smear machine will find a way to tar Patty and the LCV like they're Earth First. Just like the "radical extremists" of Emily's List.