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Wetterling's polls have her up 2-3 points?

I found this on DKos. I don't know the source; presumably it originates from within the campaign. It is a response to the SurveyUSA poll that showed Bachmann up by 9 points:

"The only polling that is reliable in this race is the internal polling in this race done by our campaign and the DCCC. This polling shows that it is an extremely close race leaning towards Patty by 2-3%. This is reliable polling done by Mark Mellman, possibly the most respected public opinion researchers in the nation."

So is this spin? or reality? One person in the thread disputed these numbers, another said they were correct. It's hard for me to tell who to trust. I'm sure that this race is closer than 9 points, and would like to believe that Patty is up, but until we get some more polling data, you just don't know.

If anyone knows the source on this, please let me know. I am subscribed to the campaign emails but did not get this one. Perhaps there is a separate campaign donor list, or an "insider list."

If anyone knows Bachmann's internals, or has heard anything, post those as well.


As of what date, and with what trending?

And then, what is the pollster's claimed margin of error?

The trending is the major thing - with a first Bachmann feel-good TV thing while the other arm is aiming hate-Wetterling venom cards into the district -- how has that altered things and/or trended things?

Neither the Bachmann camp nor the Wetterling camp appears worried. Either appearances one place or the other are false, or each believes internal polling where one is right and one is wrong.

Plenty of time, plenty of TV ad time yet to go.

No idea. That's why I want to get a solid source on these numbers, if they are true.

From context, the quote on DailyKos, it seemed like an e-mail response released by the campaign immediately after the SurveyUSA thing. The poster who quoted from it did not post the entire message, so I have no other information to go on.

You are right, neither campaign is panicking. If anyone's worried, it's the NRCC, going negative 4 times in one week with lie-filled smears.

That's the main evidence that would lead me to believe this leaked internal poll numbers, if in fact they are true.