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Bachmann's violent rhetoric

In the MPR article about the Foley dust-up yesterday, I saw this Michele Bachmann quote, and thought it a little strange:

"The unfortunate thing is that it seems like Patty Wetterling is saying, 'A bad thing happened so let's shoot everybody.' We can't do that. We can't take everyone out because a horrible occurrence happened to an individual," Bachmann said.

Then I saw more violent language in a new piece on the KARE 11 website:

Wetterling's campaign launched an ad calling for the expulsion of house leaders who may have ignored or covered up reports of Foley's behavior. An ad her opponent found surprising, "It just struck me as ironic that Patty Wetterling would rush to have an ad on television calling for lopping off Republican heads before we even know what's happened on this issue," said Michele Bachmann.

What to make of this? This isn't the Crusades or the Inquisition or the Soviet purges, Senator Bachmann. Patty Wetterling hasn't proposed "shoot[ing] everybody," "tak[ing] everyone out," or "lopping off" anyone's heads. All I see is a proposal for an investigation and a call for resignations of anyone culpable in the cover-up once all the evidence is sorted through.

So what's wrong with Michele Bachmann? I thought she looked a little angry in this KSTP interview... is it just a bad week for Michele? I would completely understand... you've got the Foley thing and the accompanying national attention for Patty, then you had the City Pages article raising unwelcome questions (that article has now hit the national 'sphere, btw)... it would be enough to make anyone angry.

There's a psychological phenomenon called projection, in which unacceptable or unwanted impulses are unconsciously assigned to another person. Are Michele's violent impulses reassigning themselves in her unconscious to her opponent, Patty?

I remember Bachmann saying she was the "tip of the spear" at some point, though about what I don't remember. It also brings back memories of Marcus Bachmann's... interesting statements at the Republican nominating convention:

"I don't think it's going to be a Republican blood bath," said Marcus Bachmann, husband of Sen. Michele Bachmann. Observing that his wife has represented more Sixth congressional district voters than anyone else in the race, he added that Bachmann would "eat up" Democratic frontrunner Patty Wetterling.

"She's pro-life, pro-family and knows the values of the district," he said, contrasting his wife to Wetterling. "Whatever's left, she'll eat for dessert," he continued, eliciting hoots and hollers from the crowd.

I'm sensing a pattern here.

I wonder what the discussion is like around the Bachmann family dinner table. Post your suggestions in the comments.

Also post any other examples of Michele's & Marcus' violent language.


Good find on how the City Pages Article was picked up nationally....

The humorous blogger "tbogg" also picked up on the City Pages article and the Hugh Hewitt interview.