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Connect the dots: Bachmann's contributions from politicians

As a Republican candidate for a hotly-contested seat, Michele Bachmann has been the recipient of a huge amount of money from the war chests of incumbents who want to see her join their team. She has received thousands from the re-election campaigns of Republican incumbents, and much more from individual leaders' "leadership PACs." I figured that it would be useful to be able to connect the dots between Bachmann and these incumbents.

But paging through FEC filings can be an arduous process. PACs are not always listed by the name of the politician who runs them. I decided to sit down and go through Michele Bachmann's FEC filings to see who she's been getting money from.

The document is compiled in a Microsoft Excel .xls format. If anyone has trouble reading this format, let me know and we can try to convert it somehow. Download it here:

Bachmann contributors.xls

Please feel free to modify this document, or to send me corrections or additional information.

I hope this is useful to those of you doing the work the media outside the blogs won't do. Let's connect the dots, people!

I will have the first connect-the-dots post up shortly, exposing Bachmann's ties to some of the most corrupt members of Congress.