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Does God speak to Michele Bachmann? Is she a "fool for Christ"?

Wow. You absolutely need to watch this video at DumpBachmann. This is hot off the presses, Michele Bachmann speaking today at a church politics-fest in Brooklyn Park.

In this video, Michele Bachmann claims that God spoke to her and told her to run, that she "fasted and prayed" for three days prior to making her decision. She also claims that God is "focusing in like a laser beam on this race," apparently because of the media coverage on the Foley scandal.

Most Christians would not be comfortable with Bachmann's self-aggrandizing language. The voters need to be informed that this is how their Republican candidate for the U.S. House thinks of herself.

Patty Wetterling should run this entire 4-minute Bachmann speech as a campaign ad. Seriously. Just run it once on WCCO or KSTP or KARE. The rest will take care of itself. Or edit the most ridiculous parts into a 30-second ad.

People deserve to know about the extreme views of this self-described "fool for Christ."

Those who don't know much about the Russian Orthodox religion might be interested to learn the meaning behind the term "fool for Christ." Here's a brief summary:

One form of the ascetic Christian life is called foolishness for the sake of Christ. The fool-for-Christ set for himself the task of battling within himself the root of all sin, pride. In order to accomplish this he took on an unusual style of life, appearing as someone bereft of his mental faculties, thus bringing upon himself the ridicule of others. In addition he exposed the evil in the world through metaphorical and symbolic words and actions. He took this ascetic endeavor upon himself in order to humble himself and to also more effectively influence others, since most people respond to the usual ordinary sermon with indifference. The spiritual feat of foolishness for Christ was especially widespread in Russia. --(Excerpted from The Law of God, Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, NY: 1993)

The most famous of these "holy fools" is probably St. Basil, an important religious figure in Russian Orthodoxy.

Saint Basil or Vasily (known also as Vasily Blazhenny, Basil Fool for Christ or Basil the Blessed; Russian: Ва?илий Блаженный) is a Russian Orthodox saint born to serfs in 1469 in Yelokhov, near Moscow. He is thought to have died in 1552 or 1557 and was canonised around 1580.

Basil is considered a yurodivy or holy fool. Originally an apprentice shoemaker in Moscow, he adopted an eccentric lifestyle of shoplifting and giving to the poor. He went naked and weighed himself down with chains. He rebuked Ivan the Terrible for not paying attention in church.

He is buried in St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, which was commissioned by Ivan and is named after the saint.

Michele Bachmann, the "fool for Christ." WOW.

It is interesting to note that the website for the Living Word Christian Center promotes Bachmann's "testimony" thusly:

Guest Speaker Michele Bachmann
When: Oct 14 - 15
Time: During all weekend services
Location: Sanctuary
Description: Minnesota Senator Michele Bachmann is a national speaker on education, tax, and pro-family issues, and the Chief Senate author of the Defense of Marriage Amendment.

No mention of her status as a candidate for the U.S. House. Yet the pastor mentions in the video that "voter guides" will be available following the service. Sounds like the IRS would be interested.

I am personally offended by the pastor's statement:

"Now, I don't want any more letters about how church and politics don't mix. If that's your opinion, then you need to get saved."

We don't need anyone representing us who truly believes that, if you don't share her views, you are going to Hell. Isn't that what this pastor is saying?


Thanks for the link.

The other part of Bachmann's testimony now up at Dump Bachmann.

In the first part of the video, Pastor Mac says that the church can't endorse, but that he will be voting for Michele Bachmann.

Ken, thanks so much for posting the videos.

It's astonishing.

People in the Sixth District need to see this. How do we get it out there?

A suggestion... could you edit some of the most ridiculous statements into a 30-sec. or 1-min. video that could be shown for maximum effect?