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Majority Watch poll shows race even

A new Constituent Dynamics/Majority Watch poll shows the following results:

Bachmann 48
Wetterling 47
Other 3
Undecided 2

This poll was conducted 10/24-26 and has a margin of error of 3.01%.

You can view the crosstabs here.

BvW says that another Zogby poll will be released at the end of this week.

This race is going to be determined by which side has the better turnout. Voter motivation is even on both sides. You can help Patty by signing up to help with Get Out the Vote efforts leading up to or on election day. There is now a GOTV center on Patty's website.

Sign up to help on election day
Sign up to help phone-bank
Sign up to door-knock

Want to elect Patty Wetterling? Want to defeat Michele Bachmann? Do your part to help out. There are only 8 days left!

Hat tip to reader bamchell for the tip on this newest poll.


PAT - There's a thread at BQ about blogging, where I think Eric Black's lead-in is a bit too self-congradulatory, given how STRIB's sat on some stories until AP has broken them out of the blogs and into the mainstream print outlets. Pat, you should have a look and as a blogger add your thoughts over there.

Also, what is this thing Michele Bachmann has started about a "Jamie?"

I hope the thing grows the right legs, as I would like to know what Avidor has to say. He's not circulated his story among DB contributors, or not to me certainly, and I respect his conditional offer to discuss it enough to not even think to press him for any insider tips about the news. But it seems interesting.